InsuredMine builds technologies that help Agents build relationships

Easy Optimization

Our product is optimized to make it more desirable, profitable and competitive with our unique and innovative features. Come, learn how we do that!

Easy Customization

We customize our product to deliver positive ROI and customer engagement. See how it is done!

Easy Reporting

Our user-friendly reporting tools enables you to build charts and grids from ad-hoc reports and dashboards for easy comparison and visualization.

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See for yourself how we are helping insurance agents enhance customer relationships through proactive engagement and communication.

  • Effortless customer management

    With clear navigation and an exceptionally easy sign-in process, you can manage your customers effortlessly. We also made it easy for your clients to use the app.

  • Controlled account access

    You are the boss of what you do! You can easily grant and revoke permissions at varying levels of data access so your customers feel secure using your app.

  • Task Prioritization and Segmentation

    With our Advance Profiling, you can create highly segmented lists of customers based on specific attributes and data signals, and can quickly sort out the best way to approach each group.

  • Predictive Analytics and Intelligence

    Experience the power of our Predictive Analytics to make data-driven decisions to provide every agent equal opportunity to succeed. Reinvent how your businesses can operate based on intelligence generated by AI and other related data science techniques.

  • Data security

    Data is divine to our business. Experience the encryption technology we use to power our products so all your data is secure and confidential.

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InsuredMine builds technologies that help Agents build relationships

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