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InsuredMine is a secure website that offers simplified solutions for storing, organizing and retrieving your insurance information from a simple dashboard. InsuredMine is an independent service platform for your insurance documentation needs. With our tools, you can set a plan that focuses on fixing your insurance management problems. Look out for our expert advice and know where you stand comparing your data with all portfolios on InsuredMine. With us, you can have all of your insurance contracts and policies at your fingertips and never miss a payment, all absolutely free of cost.
InsuredMine is your reliable partner for all insurance data— from health insurance and car insurance, to umbrella policies. You can store information and documents about your auto, home, life, rental, traveler’s and medical insurances including:
  • Insurance provider names
  • Agent/Broker Contact details
  • Policy numbers
  • Copies of your Insurance ID Cards
  • Due dates
  • Premium amounts
Your privacy is very important to us. InsuredMine keeps all of your personal information and data strictly confidential. In addition to password protection, your data is transferred to our servers using SSL encryption. Furthermore we commit to not disclose your data to third parties. In short, your information is secure. We use encryption software that scrambles all information stored on our website.
Currently we do not provide this option; however, the feature is in the development phase and we hope to have it available soon.
After you scan/upload your insurance data on to our secure website, you will be able to easily retrieve that data for future usage by logging into the website from anywhere and on any of your devices.
Yes, we intend to leverage machine learning to better understand your insurance habits and recommend you policies that meet your needs in a cost effective manner.
No. Digitizing your contracts does not change anything in your insurance coverage, policies, or rates. InsuredMine offers you the advantage of having your contracts at hand on the cloud at any time, but no changes will be made.
InsuredMine offers a complete digital overview of all your insurance policies. This includes all the important information about your current insurance coverage, your insurance rates and upcoming payment deadlines. We also give you a dashboard to see all of your insurance data combined in one easy-to-understand dashboard.
Registering with InsuredMine is quick and easy. You can register through your browser with your email address, and an 8-character min. password. Or, if you would like, you can register with your Facebook or google+ accounts. You can then select your existing insurances, import your existing data and see how your portfolio adds up!
Yes! Our customers can use InsuredMine completely free of cost — including importing contracts and viewing your dashboard. You will never pay for any cloud storage.
Yes! InsuredMine is absolutely independent of insurance companies and brokers. There are no third parties telling us how to run our business or provide recommendations that suits specific insurance providers. We do not sell your information to any insurance companies.
You can unsubscribe anytime if you choose to. However, your data will remain on our servers according to our retention schedules.

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