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There are many reasons why all successful insurance agencies use some sort of management systems. The top 2 are - to increase retiontion and to increase sales. If you have AMS, that helps you automate your sales process, increase operational efficiencies, better customer experience better than what InsuredMine has to offer then you may not need us. Else you have all the reason to use our product.
InsuredMine Software features include but is not limited to Analytics Dashboard, Task List, Renewal tracker (Auto Tasks), Deal Board, Email Integration, Customer Chat, Reports as well as a variety of features that were purposefully made to make insurance agencies in being more efficient while being affordable.
InsuredMine works with all major Agency Management Systems. However, level of integration depends on the technology of that AMS. Integration with some of them are excel template driven whereas others are realtime data referesh using API (application programming interface). InsuredMine integration is not limited to AMS but to other mail systems including outlook, gmail for email management (send, receive, compose) to be used within Agent Portal. It in also integrated with Salesforce, pipedrive for lead management.
From the day you sign up to the day your account is ready to use, the turnaround time is between 5-7 business days.
In the Agency setup process you are provided a url to add to your agency's website that links to your Client Portal login screen. Usually the link is youragencyname.insuredmine.com Alternative to accessing customer information on customer portal, customers can download the app InsuredMine from playstore (apple, android) to access all their insurance information.
Yes. We’ve had documented success working with clients in many states. InsuredMine is staffed well and capable of working with multiple agencies of various sizes across the nation.
By default every customer will be invited during initial mass invite sent to them. But we consider special request to filter that list to send invited to limited audience.
Our software is cloud based, meaning the information is stored in data centers. All of our data centers are here in the US along with state of the art technology and encryption.
InsuredMine pricing is based on number of customers of the agency but price increments apply when you customer base increases more than 500. For smaller customer increments, cost will remain the same.
Any size. We use a combination of staff and technology to handle organizations with any number of insurance clients. We have extensive knowledge of the challenges that plague organizations of all sizes. Our experienced team and technology solutions are customized to exceed each client’s needs.
Our services are integrated, yet each service can be delivered as a stand-alone offering.
Yes, all email communication via Customer portal are template driven and you can edit/update each template as needed or draft them from scratch.
Yes, the insured can opt out of receiving the following emails: They can do this by sending an email at support@insuredmine.com. Alternately, they can choose Unsubscribe and the bottom of any confirmation email they receive.
Customer Support is available as follows and all cases will be responded to within one (1) business day:
Monday – Friday, 8am to 6pm Central Standard Time
If your Client Portal or Mobile APP user forgets their password, they can navigate to the login page (https://youragencyname.insuredmine.com) and select the Forgot Password link.
You can submit a support case via of couple of easy ways. All cases will receive a response within one (1) business day. Submit a Case from the ‘Support’ navigation tab on the left if you have logged into the Agent Portal of InsuredMine.com Email support@insuredmine.com to create a Case
It is very simple. You can easily apply for a new insurance policy, request a rate change or cancel one of your insurance policies in the app using an appropriate button. Your insurance agent will then contact and support you if needed or if you have any questions.
You can use Chatbot for some of the very specific use cases for the following features:
  • One click Agent Connect
  • Update profile, assets, policies
  • AI driven Quote request
  • Appointments
  • NLP driven Communication and Query
  • Easy Navigation of App via Chatbot

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