Who We Are

We are obsessed with solving real world problems working in 5 time zones but with 1 vision

InsuredMine is a technology company with data language. We are leveraging advanced technology to make data so nimble and intuitive that it feels natural for Insurance agencies and policy holders to use it. We are a team of young and smart technologists, writers, thinkers and innovators from across the world, who share an intensely passion-fueled drive to bring simple solutions to complex problems plaguing this trillion-dollar insurance industry. By connecting agents and insured with real-time social media triggers for insurance portfolio, we’re changing the meaning of insurance management and revolutionizing insurance purchases.

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What We Do

We are unifying the value chain of sales-to-service for agents

Technology has failed to bond insurance agents and policy holders as they still rely on decade old paper-based communication and service. We are championing a new approach to allow technology to touch our business processes to make it smarter. Relationships can grow stronger and more can be done with less with automation and artificial intelligence. Policy holders will have 1 tool for all insurance portfolio.

Our Team

This truly diverse team is creating a culture for tomorrow

InsuredMine Team

Our Story

    Spoiler alert:

    Didn’t begin with, ‘Once upon a time…’

    But always ends with, ‘happily, ever after…’

Our story has a humble beginning; but don’t let that fool you, because when faced with challenges, we stretch our boundaries of possibility to bring uncompromising solutions. Our love for innovation keeps us up all night. Our personal experiences while dealing with outdated and inadequate methods of managing insurances has left us craving for renovation. When we started to analyze current insurance industry standards, we were surprised to see how this sector has been lagging with digital transformation to connect the last mile from agency to policy holders. We recognized the time was ripe for us to step in and revolutionize insurance management.

As much as it empowers agents to do more with less and serve it’s clients, it is a real savior for customer too. This is coming from our personal experience as insurance customers as well as from extensive market research. We are passing the reins to the insurance customer’s hands so they can make informed choices based on our recommendations. Isn’t that amazing? We think so too!

Our Values

It takes a team to create lasting values

Our core values of Innovation, Quality, Accountability and mutual Respect are what makes us a great team. Our values are important to our vision and mission. While our vision drives us to enhance our product for superior customer experience, our mission keeps us on track to constantly challenge, innovate and simplify. With our commitment to make insurance management an automated solution, we know the future awaits with many challenges; but what we focus on are the opportunities disguised as those challenges. We believe, this realization is what will lead us to the summits of success.