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    We empowers to help manage their policies and identify changes that may affect their portfolio.

What we do

InsuredMine is an innovative technology company helping Insurance Agents enhance customer relationships through proactive engagement and communication. It is a perfect opportunity that aligns with our ‘customer first’ philosophy and you can now achieve the same with the help of our technology.

Mobile App

The Mobile App makes it easy to manage all your Policies in one place. Import your existing data, insurance cards, and policy documents all in one place.

ChatBot- VIA

AI enabled chatbot VIA (Virtual Insurance Assistant) can answer any questions you may have about your saved policies.

Agency Portal

Agency portal will allow agents to track progress on all customers and a Master Dashboard with multiple dynamic tables and charts for better insight and tracking.

Social Feed

Helps agents better understand insured's risk behavior with smart analytics and provide suggestions for additional coverage from their social media feeds and triggers.

InsuredMine Anytime Anywhere

InsuredMine builds technologies that help Agents build relationships